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When submitting your own footage, you must shoot landscape mode (as opposed to portrait mode).  If you're using your cell phone, this means shoot while holding the phone sideways.  Otherwise, if you hold it upright, your footage will be a narrow strip in between two black bars.  Holding it sideways fills the entire screen.

And whether you're shooting with your phone or the latest SLR camera, shoot at 1080p, 30 fps, and HDR. 

If you are submitting for a music video, don't be at all concerned about the audio quality, as once it gets to editing, I detach the audio from the video, and use the mastered .wav file.  That said, this is the same exact file you ought to be singing along with so that I can get it to sync. (It sounds like a no-brainer, however I have myself recorded video singing along to what turned out to not be the final, mastered recording, and ran into a world of trouble. Yes my Friends, there will be a lot of learning from my mistakes.  You're welcome. :) 

sending your footage to me via 'we transfer'

Video footage tends to be too large for email. You may be familiar We Transfer.  If you need help, here is a file with instructions.